Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

Download Bloons TD 6 and use a combination of upgrades, awesome monkey towers, activated abilities, and heroes to craft defense. Enjoy the intense visual effects.

App Details
Name Bloons TD 6
Package com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd6
Updated 2020-07-21
Publisher ninja kiwi
Category Game
Version 19.2


Overview of the Game

Bloons TD is also known as Bloons Tower Defense, was developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. The game has different series, all of which are available on different platforms. It is available on iOS, macOS, Android, Flash browser, Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Bloons TD 6 is the most recent release of this game. It was released in 2018 for iOS, Android, and Steam. This is a tower defense game that can be played in both multiplayer and single-player mode. The main difference between this and earlier released versions is that it is not available on the Flash browser.

There are so many new features that have been added to Bloons TD 6. This includes its 3D graphics and three new bloon types. It is important to note that new bloon types have unique properties. This includes immunity to fire or magic, immunity to slowing, extra health, and knockback.

Just like previously released versions of the game, players begin the game with a certain amount of lives and cash. Players are also required to defeat waves of bloons by building towers in each round. What’s amazing about the game is earning in-game cash, which is by popping bloons.


Players lose a life when bloons get to the exit. One way of improving defense is by buying and upgrading towers. It is important to note that towers function differently. Some are designed to slow down bloons, while others attack bloons directly. There are also some towers that help to provide support for nearby towers.

One amazing feature in Bloons TD 6 is Heroes, which is a special type of tower. This tower can automatically upgrade itself without the player's command. However, only a single Hero can be placed in a game, and the player does this.

There are different game modes, and these can be unlocked after a certain game difficulty is completed. These different game modes confer changes to the gameplay of the game. For example, increase upgrade, and tower prices, limiting tower types, spawning stronger Bloons waves, and reducing external income gains.

Daily challenges are also included in this version to further improve the gaming experience of players. Monkey Money is the term that’s used to refer to the in-game currency that’s earned when a game is won.

Monkey Money can be used in purchasing powers in the form of unique towers or temporary boosts. Some Heroes can also be bought with the Monkey Money.

Another currency used in the game is the Monkey Knowledge Points. Using this currency with the Monkey Money makes it easier to unlock boosts for special towers.

Amazing Gameplay

In Bloons TD, the main objective is to stop balloons from getting to the end of a track on the map. Balloons are referred to as Bloons, and the map comprises one or more entry and exit for each bloons.

Since this is a tower defense game, players can choose different types of traps and towers to defend against bloons. A player would lose lives if bloons get to the end of a path, making the game to end. It is important to note that there are set tracks that are followed by bloons.

There are two different types of bloons in Bloons TD: The MOAB-Class, and the regular class. In Bloons TD 6, the regular ones consist of blue, red, yellow, green, white, black, purple, rainbow, zebra, and lead. The MOAB-class bloons, on the other hand, takes the shape of a blimp.

In Bloons TD 6, the MOAB-class bloons consist of the following:

- BFB (Brutal Flying Behemoth)

- MOAB (Massive Omary Air Blimp)

- ZOMG (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness)

- DDT (Dark Dirigible Titan)

- BAD (Big Airship of Doom)


Fantastic Features of the Game

There are so many amazing features of this 3D tower defense game. It was majorly designed so that players can spend hours in the strategy game.
Here are some of the really amazing features of the game:

Dazzling 3D Bloons TD

Bloons TD 6 boasts of intense visual effects that are characterized by 42 original maps upgrade skins, 3D objects capable of blocking sight, and sharp new monkey animations.


New gameplay around Hero’s synergies and powers can be crafted. This brings about voiceovers, as well as unlockable skins to customize play. It is important to note that for each game, one out of 9 Heroes, and powerful monkeys can be placed.

Monkey Tower Upgrades

There are 21 powerful monkey towers. This includes the Bloons TD 6 tower Alchemist and Druid. The recently added Engineer Monkey and Mortar Monkey is also included.

There are three different upgrade paths for the monkey towers to choose from. You can also tier up to 5 upgrades.

Bloons TD 6 boasts of so many other amazing features to behold in this game, including its monkey knowledge system. You can play the game anywhere, with the offline single-player mode working perfectly, even without a WiFi connection.

This new release offers an unending list of amazing features. The New Bloons are not left out, with tricky bloons types like the relentless BAD, Fortified, and Purple. There are also new game modes with different difficulties like the Double Health MOABS, and the Restricted Monkeys.

Where to Get the Game

Visit the following link if you want to download this fantastic game on your device:

- Android ($4.99):

- Apple Gadgets ($4.99):


You do not want to miss out on the awesomeness that is offered by this amazing game. Download Bloons TD 6 now, and enjoy the intense visual effects.