Fortnite – Game Hot Game on Tablets and Smartphones

Fortnite – Game Hot Game on Tablets and Smartphones

Download Fortnite Mobile and enjoy the best battle games at the comfort of your couch. You’ll transfer all the features of the glorious Fortnite game to your phone.

App Details
Name Fortnite
Package com.epicgames.fortnite
Publisher Epic Games, Inc
Category Best Game Mobiles
Version 12.61.0-13498347-Android


This game is characterized by thrilling gaming sessions with peerless graphics and realistic controls. Also, it has different game modes with distinct features.

Why is Fortnite Mobile is Popular

When Fortnite was launched in 2007, it became an instant heat. It received multiple downloads and gained millions of players from all over the world.

However, flexibility was minimal. Only fans that had access to PlayStation or a PC would enjoy the game. As such, the launch of Fortnite Mobile was received with unparalleled joy among gamers.

Immediately after the release of Android and iOS versions, Google Play Store and Apple Store were abuzz with activity. Within a short time, the game had sold millions of copies.

The game’s popularity is largely attributed to its dynamic gameplay and exciting game modes. Also, it has auspicious graphics that’ll undoubtedly hook you to the game for good.

What is Fortnite Mobile? A Brief Description

This is an RPG game that combines action and adventure to yield one of the most realistic gameplays you’ll ever find. Interestingly, these Android and IOS versions contain all the features available in the PC version!

You’ll get detailed game maps, unique challenges, and all the game modes in HD quality. As such, you can play from whichever location that you desire.


An Engaging Gameplay

This game comes in 3 different game modes including:

  • Battle Royale

In this game, you’ll be required to play solo, in twos, or squads of 3-4 people. Your primary goal will be to eliminate all your opponents and be the last player/team standing.

At the beginning of the game, all the players will be dropped from an aircraft and land on the gaming map using a parachute.

In the process of landing, you should try to land in a place rich in resources and hiding areas. This way, you’ll gather many weapons and other special tools that will help you with your gameplay. Also, you’ll be able to avoid attacks while strategizing on the best way to ambush your enemies.

Interestingly, the gaming map will significantly shrink with time. As such, you should be careful to always remain in the safe zone.

  • Save the World

In this game, you’ll be required to become an environmental champion. Your goal will be to restore glory in your land after a devastating storm that wiped off more than 98% of the world population.

Also, you’ll be facing a threat of dangerous zombies that are out to destroy the world altogether. Plan on the best way to protect the survivors while battling these harmful creatures.

  • Creative

In this mode, you’ll be required to invoke your creativity and develop unmatched structures in desolate islands. Also, you can start other games and invite your friends to tournaments. The more you win, the more treasures you get.


What Should I Have to Obtain Fortnite Mobile?

If you want to download this game, you must ensure that you have an up-to-date mobile device with enough storage space. When you download the game into an inadequate device, you’re likely to face slower operations and non-optimized gameplay.

Here are the ideal device features needed for optimal operations:

  • 3 GB RAM. Access the storage settings, then click on memory, and check on the available RAM. If your device has less than 3 GB, then you may not be able to install Fortnite Mobile until your upgrade. Also, you’ll require an additional 3 GB onboard storage.
  • Operating System of Android above 8.0. This operating system is sturdy enough to accommodate the large game files without slowing the normal phone operations.
  • High-Level GPU. Your device should have Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 and above, or Adreno 530 and above for guaranteed functionality.


Fortnite Mobile is an exceptional game that boasts of topnotch graphics and exceptional challenges. If you want a game that combines both action and adventure, then this is the ideal one for you!