Portal Knight

Portal Knight

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Portal Knight- Must Play Once in Your Life

Even though I had played many games which rank on top before, but when I start to find something new and suddenly the Portal Knights introduction show up on my laptop screen. Right from the begins introduction lines, I start to be excited and cannot wait to download it. Post below is what I mean.

Game producers

Respect the producer first, thank to them we have our relaxing time of playing game. The game was developed by Keen Games and after that, be published by 505 Games. Up to the moment in 2018, platforms available is Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Game tend to be role action-playing and survival genre. The article will give introduce for mobile version, you can see in others device, it is much the same.

For Android download: requires 1.5.3 version, android 6.0+

For iOS download: requires iOS 8.0+

Notice that you need 1.4 GB for game data and have at least 5.0 GB empty memory storage for your data during playing. To download it, 4.99 USD is the cost. The game is played OFFLINE.

3D Graphic

Pretty awesome that the game has really catchy graphic, characters are designed in detail and cute, moving and action runs smoothly. Though the objects, buildings, items are pixel graphic but unlike Minecraft, you won’t we it in super square version. The angle of a pixel isn’t sharp, the details, drawing in each square isn’t made in negligent way. People had taken care of those interface weakness and represent us 3D attractively graphic, which contribute a lot to the game success. But sad thing that the map isn’t so big, it contains many smaller maps in the game.

Further Info

What exactly do we do in Portal Knights? Like the introduction, with the genre of action- role playing and survival, the game like a combination of Minecraft and Legend of Zelda. In the game, players duties not just stop at collecting and building structures but have to be focus on fighting too. Battle function is what the producers cares the most. About creating aspect, the game completely like Minecraft and has various kind of items, storage is unlimited. About fighting aspect, you will experience some fights, they are not going to be easy, requires focus and strength to beat the monster, fighting function is developed parallelly to creating one. Sounds interesting!

Game Plot

Game choose the background of ancient time, its main story is about a peaceful world was ruined and the realm was tore apart because of Fracture arriving, the only to connect the disparate lands, needs ancient portals to do it. But first hero has to pass the evil guard obstacles. That is the main line you will follow.

Easy Start

First when start to play, you allowed to design your character appearance and gender, hair style, facial look, pretty cute clothes. After that, you will actual playing, unlike others game that provide mission for you to complete, what happens in Portal Knight is you will figure out the mission yourself, no compulsory at all. It is a game of freedom, you have to be careful for monster attacking at night, you should avoid them when first time playing. To face with natural objects, you are armed special skill but collect items, stuffs to make weapons, building, shelter is a must, upgrading needs material.

About the Boss

Boss is not going to be easy to take. The level of boss is various, at first you manage to beat it but the longer you play, the harder boss appears. By virtue of focusing on fighting so character movement is programed quite complicated. Character will be armed special skill like fire punch, wind flash kick, magic and sort like that, be able to avoid, make up strategies to beat the boss. Boss is found in mission that you had searched.

The game is still improving progress and promise for latter updates. Download and experience the fun, you will see it is better than whatever you had read.