Download PUBG Mobile and enjoy a dynamic multiplayer game. It has mind-boggling battle challenges that require quick decision making, strategy, and agility.

App Details
Package com.tencent.ig
Publisher Tencent Games
Category Best Game Mobiles
Version 0.18.0

Crucial Details about PUBG Mobile

This is a PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND’s game that has epic classic battles. It has an extraordinary multiplayer feature which can accommodate up 100 players!

Also, the game has different game modes and series; each with unique features. This gives you the chance to only select those modes that resonate well with your prevailing moods and needs.

When you join the game, you should always target to survive! Be the last man standing in every game and watch as you rise through the gaming levels.

The more you advance with the levels, the more features you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to unlock sophisticated weapons and outstanding maps that’ll certainly improve your gameplay.

How to Play PURG Mobile

Just like any other game, the first step of this gameplay involves downloading and installing it on your mobile device.

Once you have the game, you can navigate to the user interface and select your ideal game. Also, you’ll be required to select and customize your character, which guarantees a highly personalized gameplay.

Some of the features that you should consider during the selection include facial appearance, gender, and hairstyle.

Once you’re set with the preparation face, it’ll be the time to engage in the real gameplay. It starts when your character is dropped from the air by an aircraft. Immediately the parachute opens, you must try your best to land on your ideal site.

If you miss the site, you’ll be required to rush and correct your mistakes. Any delays may lead to unprecedented attacks by your enemy, thus leading to defeat.

After landing, ensure that you gather resources, weapons, and tools that will help you to face your enemies. While gathering the treasures, you must always be careful not to be ambushed by your enemies.

Your primary mission should be to eliminate all your adversaries and be the last man standing! When you achieve this, you’ll earn treasures, which will help you to upgrade your weaponry and unlock more sophisticated game maps.

Unique Features

  • 4VS.4 Deathmatch and Zombie Modes. This game offers fast-paced modes that require to face your enemies in thrilling battles. To win these challenges, you’ll be required to face dangerous adversaries—shoot them ruthlessly. The last team standing is declared champion and earn numerous rewards.
  • Customizable Controls. This game provides you with the chance to modify controls to suit your needs and ensure comfort during the gameplay. Additionally, you can engage in training modes and voice chat which eases your learning process.
  • Realistic Attacks. This game has ballistics and other sophisticated weapons. Every time you engage in the game, you’ll enjoy the authenticity of the attack system!
  • Multiple Battle Maps. This game has unique maps with outstanding features for optimal enjoyment. The dynamic battlegrounds vary in size, terrain, weather, and day/night cycles. Additionally, you’ll choose your ideal environment ranging from dense jungles to urban cities.
  • Diverse Gameplay. The multiplayer game allows you to play solo, duo, or in squads of at most 4 players. Additionally, you’ll have the power to choose your ideal mode from the 100-player classic mode, zombie mode, payload mode, and deathmatch mode.
  • First-Person Shooter and Third-Person Shooter. This game offers you a chance to engage the FPS or TPS gameplays. Additionally, you’ll get lots of vehicles and realistic arsenal to better the gameplay.
  • Explore New Levels. As you rise through the gameplay, you’ll be able to explore other unique features that will revolutionize your gameplay. You can improve your weapons and unlock new maps.

Unique 3-D Graphics and Exceptional Sound Systems

The games unreal engine 4 creates an unforgettable visual experience and shows all the details of the 8x8 game map. Even better, it has super cool sound effects that’ll keep you entertained throughout your gaming sessions.


Download PUBG and team up with friends to engage in thrilling gameplay. It has numerous maps, easy controls, and superb graphics.