Among Us

Among Us

Download Among Us to play with other players online. Complete all the tasks, and discover who the impostor is on your ship.

App Details
Name Among Us
Package com.innersloth.spacemafia
Updated 2020-06-11
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Category Game
Version 2020.6.9


Overview of the Game

Among Us is a sci-fi and murder-mystery only game that was developed and published by Innersloth, and released in 2018. The game is currently available on Android, iOS, and Steam. Among Us takes place in a spaceship containing crew members.

Among the crew members is an impostor whose aim is to kill everyone and sabotage the ship. The role of the crew members is to discover who the impostor is. It is worth noting that the setting of the game is in The Skeld. In this multiplayer game, the Skeld is the main map set in a spaceship.

Another thing to note about the game is that two other maps were launched in 2019. The first is Mira HQ, which was launched on 8th August 2019 with a space base setting. Polus is the second map to be launched on 12th November 2019, with a planet setting. In 2020, two of the maps that were initially paid for were released for PC and mobile.

Engaging Gameplay

What makes this game amazing is the fact that it has a simple premise. You’ll be among the 4 to 10 different players on the space ship. However, one of the players is an impostor with the goal of killing everyone and sabotaging the ship.

Every other player excluding the impostor is a crew member, and all they want to do is escape. The only way to escape is by completing different tasks, and also by finding the imposter.

In this game, finding the impostor is the most important thing. This is because the crew can only win when they successfully find the impostor. However, the impostor will be the winner if he or she manages to kill all the crew members.


In the Skeld, there are seven hallways with a total of 14 rooms connected to it. Players spawn either on RNG or in the Cafeteria, depending on the settings of the host. For crew members to complete a task, they have to visit the rooms.

The impostor, on the other hand, lacks an objective and would do anything to gain the trust of crew members. For example, the impostor can pretend to have completed an activity just to earn trust. There is a chance for every user to call for an emergency meeting. This can also be done after seeing a dead body.

Among Us offers flexibility to players, and you can also be an impostor in this game. If this happens, then your main goal is to persuade the crew members that you are not the impostor. The crew members will also try to find you out.

What’s amazing about the gameplay is that it utilizes a voting system to determine the winner. However, it is worth noting that whoever has the highest vote will get eliminated.

Your argumentative power needs to be up to standard in this game. This is because you can only influence people when you have a convincing case to present. The time limit is very short. Therefore, you have to be fast in presenting a convincing narrative.

You’ll become a ghost if the impostor kills you. This will take your ability to interact with other crew members to complete the task.

Main Characters of the Game

The main characters include hats, skins, and pets:


This was a recently added feature. It offers different hats that players can customize. This includes masks, caps, and others. Newer hats were received in the Halloween updates of the game. This includes demon horns, Jason’s mask, knife and others. Reindeer horn and Santa Claus hood came with the Christmas update.


This feature was added last year, and it consists of many clothes like military, white hat, captain, police, among others. The newly released Polus and Mira HQ maps also feature some of these skins. It is important to the price of each skin before getting it.
Hats and Skins are examples of customizations in the game.


There are over 12 different colors to choose from in this game. This includes blue, pink, green, orange, red, white, black, cyan, yellow, brown, lime, and purple. All these colors are made available for players to choose from and also apply to the customizations.



The main map of Among Us is the Skeld, and this map was first designed with the game in 2018. It has the setting of a spaceship with crew members traveling through space with the impostor among them.

Mira HQ is another map that was added to the game in 2019. It is important to note that this map was made available as paid content. It has the setting of a space station with the same objectives for crew members and the impostor.

The third map is the Polus, which was also released in 2019. Unlike the others mentioned above, it has a purple planet characterized by different structures.

There are no ventilation systems in this map, and this is a strategy to reveal the impostor. It is worth mentioning that this is the biggest map of the game.

Where to Get the Game

Among Us is an amazing game that is characterized by simple but engaging gameplay. The game has multiple maps and other amazing features that contribute to making it an amazing game.

Visit the following sites to download this interesting game now:

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- Steam ($4.99):


Among Us is undoubtedly an interesting game to download and start playing. Download the game now to enter the different maps and show your skills as the impostor or as a crew member. Complete different tasks and avoid being voted out.