Game Fortnite – Tips game Fortnite to getting Victory Royale

Game Fortnite – Tips game Fortnite to getting Victory Royale

Download Game Fortnite and enjoy thrilling battle sessions. It has different game modes, including Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative.

App Details
Package com.epicgames.fortnite
Publisher Epic Games, Inc
Category Game
Version 12.61.0-13498347-Android

Why Game Fortnite is Revolutionary

This game has breathtaking sceneries, which guarantees a relaxed gaming environment. Due to its exceptional features, it has received numerous downloads from gaming enthusiasts.

Since its launch in 2007, it has received millions of downloads. Even more thrilling, the Battle Royale mode alone had more than 125 million players within one year of its release.

Consequently, this game has earned millions of dollars monthly. Its success results from its super cool graphics, realistic gaming physics, and engaging gameplay.

Exciting Gameplay

Fortnite is primarily a shooter game whose primary objective is to exterminate your persistent enemies. You’ll have weapons to use in your missions.

However, weapons alone won’t be enough! You’ll also require creativity, high organizational skills, and exceptional attacking agility.

The more you complete missions, the more treasures you’ll earn.

Exploring the Game Modes

  • Battle Royale

This is, without a doubt, the most popular Fortnite mode. It requires that you engage in fierce battles. The last man/ team standing in this battle of a maximum of 100 players will be declared the winner!

When you join the game, you can either decide to complete all the matches alone, in duo, or squads of 3-4 players. All the teams will drop from an aircraft into the battlefield.

Immediately after landing, you must gather as many resources as you can while avoiding your opponents’ attacks. With time, the game area will continually shrink—always ensure that you remain on the safe zone to win the game.

The team/player that remains standing will get numerous bonuses and awards that’ll be instrumental in advancing their gameplay.

  • Save the World

In this game mode, your primary challenge will be to save the world after a deadly storm led to the death of over 98% of the world’s population.

To worsen the situation, there has been an outbreak of zombies that are out to finish the survivors! As such, you must engage in missions to collect weapons and gather resources enough to save your people.

Also, you should recruit experienced heroes to help you protect the survivors while fighting the deadly zombies.

  • Creative

Just like the name suggests, this is your chance to unleash your creativity. Ensure that rebuild an island from scratch and pimp it to include all facilities that can support human life. Even better, you’ll be able to create gaming platforms to challenge your friends.

Tips for Winning the Game

This is a game of wits! You must be strategic from the onset if you want to remain the last man standing in the battle royale. Equally, the other two game modes require high intelligence levels and planning prowess.

When falling off from the aircraft, you must choose to land on a strategic location (the closest you can to the centre of the map). Some of the best location examples include Dusty Divot, Tilted Tower, and Retail Row.

Also, you can aim at building tops to help you access the areas of hidden treasures. This way, you’ll easily collect many weapons and essential treasures while having excellent hiding areas.

Finally, you must always strive to communicate with your team members and share useful resources. This way, you’ll avoid being caught unawares!

Unique Graphics

This game has outstanding 3D graphics and exceptional sound systems. These features are tailor-made to ensure that you enjoy the gameplay from the onset to the end.

The super cool graphics highlights every detail of the game map, thus giving you a breathtaking experience.

What I Require to get the Game

Ensure that your gadget has the following features:

  • Operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo and above
  • Space: At least 3GB RAM and 3 GB of onboard storage
  • GPU: Mali-G72 MP12 and above, Mali-G71 MP20 and above, or Adreno 530 and above


Fortnite is a superb game that features Battle Royale as one of its game modes. It has superb graphics and exceptional sound systems, which guarantees optimum enjoyment.